Ankara Campus

METU travels around fifteen cities where METU Alumni...cont. »
ODTÜ TEKNOKENT, Turkey's leading technology development...cont. »
The awards of the "METU in My Dreams" and "My METU" short...cont. »
The former bookstore in the Çarşı area was restored and...cont. »
METU Mobile Application has been a desired and expected...cont. »
Prof. Dr. Ahmet Türer, a faculty from METU Department of...cont. »
ODTÜ TEKNOKENT, Turkey's first and biggest technopolis,...cont. »
Academic Development Program (AGEP) and Administrative...cont. »
The AdımODTÜ project, which was initiated to provide...cont. »
A group of physicists at METU discovered a large shift...cont. »
The first competition we organized to increase the...cont. »
In 1996, METU initiated billiards as an elective course...cont. »
The summer camp organized for the prospective students...cont. »

Northern Cyprus Campus

R&D and Technology Base As part of the METU Day...cont. »

Erdemli Campus

The wildlife in METU Erdemli Campus can be watched live...cont. »
The project "I Know and Protect My Sea" organized by the...cont. »