METU Cyprus is looking for the “Green Brains” of the World!

The applications for the sixth "Green Brain of the Year 2017" international project competition organized by METU Cyprus, one of the three campuses of METU, started on January 5, 2017. The competition is organized by the METU Cyprus "Sustainable Environment and Energy Systems Master Program" recognized as a leader in the entire Middle East geography. The deadline for applications is the end of May 25, 2017 and only online applications are accepted. The competition organized to raise awareness on the sustainability of environment, energy and water resources, which are described as a vital triad, are held in two separate categories, as "Green Brain of the Year" open to teams of university students and the "Junior Green Brain of the Year" open to teams of high school students.

The Coordinator of "Sustainable Environment and Energy Systems Master Program", Asst. Prof. Carter Mandrik highlighted that a record was broken with 328 applicants from 24 different countries last year, and the teams of various countries such as France, China, Rwanda, Vietnam, India, Indonesia participated in the competition organized since 2012. He added that in the “Green Brain of the Year 2017” where it is obligatory to participate with two-person teams as every year, the projects of five finalist teams will be evaluated by an international jury following a presentation in October at the METU Northern Cyprus Campus. Emphasizing that this is a great opportunity for students from all over the world to contribute to their efforts to make the world a greener place and to exhibit their scientific talents and creativity, Mandrik kept on: “The students ranking the highest will also contribute to the protection of the environment as well as winning awards.

The Green Brain of the Year competition will not only change the lives of the students, but also have effects on the world. The competition will increase the recognition of participating students and schools and will provide an opportunity for a more sustainable world. Sustainability emerges as a concept with a fairly high importance for each other.” Highlighting that they wish much more students to participate in the competition this year, the President of the METU Northern Cyprus, Prof. Dr. Nazife Baykal said, “I am sure that many brilliant students who continue their education in high schools and universities in Turkey will come here and exhibit their talents.” Pointing out that one of the most important problems of our world in the 21st century is “sustainability” and “environmental awareness”, Baykal continued: “We organized this competition five years ago for the first time to raise awareness on this global issue and develop awareness, especially among young generations. The fact that the applications continue to increase each year show us that we are on the right track in terms of our competition mission.The real winner is ‘Sustainability Awareness’.”

Competition Information

Green Brains of the Year: The teams to participate in the international Green Brain of the Year contest for university students should draft their unique projects on sustainability of environment, energy and water resources with no more 2000 words and limited figures and tables in English. In projects, relevance to sustainability, authenticity, applicability, efficiency, feasibility analysis and writing/illustration quality criteria are required. As a result of the assessment of the online applications received through, the students to form the first five teams will be individually awarded. Each member of the first team will be awarded 1000 Euros, the second team 750 Euros, and the third team 500 Euros. All finalists will attend a guided tour in Northern Cyprus.

Junior Green Brains of the Year: The subject of the international Junior Green Brain of the Year contest for high school students is also the sustainability of vital triad. The teams consisting of two high school students will be able to prepare their projects of 1000 words in Turkish or English, including up to 3 figures and 1 table. The winner of the contest you can apply on will be decided after the five finalist teams will make a presentation in September in METU Northern Cyprus Campus. The first team of the contest will be awarded 1000 Euros, the second 750 Euros, the third 500 Euros and all finalists will be taken to a trip to the Northern Cyprus.