METU Lifesaving and First Aid Society

METU Lifesaving and First Aid Society was established in 1992 by METU students to raise awareness about the primary rules and the importance of first aid and life saving. Since the day the Society was established, it has provided seminars and trainings to this end. Basic Life Support (BLS) is the training provided by the society to METU students at the beginning of each semester on basic principles of first aid. This training is not merely a transfer of knowledge, but enriches the content with practices and animations. During the training; situations that a person may encounter in city conditions are explained; therefore, the society aims to teach first aiders how to respond to a possible accident in a calm manner by explaining with the illustrations. In addition, the Society provides Advanced Life Support (ALS), which is more comprehensive than BLS, in April at METU's Elmadag facilities each year. In this training, where participants have a chance to get away from the daily life for a few days, it is possible to do mountain hiking and morning sports. This training is about how first aiders should intervene and organize the scene of accident in case of advanced and generally multiple-injury accidents including triage, stretcher transportation. The Society also provides a Nature Training in which they explain how to do first aid in a camp under the conditions of nature during summer. OCIT also provides first aid training to other METU societies if they wish. In the previous semester, they provided first aid training on injuries to Sayokan and Nature Research societies, while they provided BLS training to METU Underwater Society in this semester. Providing training to schools as well, the society provided first aid training to Ayrancı Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School in March. OCIT is a society that has adopted social and mass training and aims to help everybody have access first aid training as much as possible. They have been carrying out training projects with many primary and secondary schools to provide and disseminate first aid training to staff and teachers in schools. The society not only organizes such trainings but also participates as volunteer first aiders in Cappadocia Ultra Trail and Aladağlar Sky Trail running marathons. Having pool exercises three days a week for life saving; the society also participates in Winter Swimming marathons held in Kaş, Dalyan and Datça. Going to Kesikköprü Dam in Ankara for cold water exercises every year in February, OCIT continues to train its lifeguard candidates in order to have them prepared against different conditions. An Android application of OCIT, which is prepared to raise awareness of first aid in more people, is now available and downloadable from mobile devices.