Preface - July 2018


Dear All,

I would to express my warmest congratulations to our students who will be graduated by taking their diplomas on Friday, July 6. Our recent graduates, whom we’re always proud of their success, will take sides with METU alumni who live in 140 different countries and lead social development, industry and technology, and become World citizens never giving up scientific truth. As METU, our students whom we educated with this spirit are our greatest source of pride. In this regard, we featured METU Commencement Day on our cover page. In this issue, you can read the article entitled as “Sustainable Green Campus Management: METU Campus Application” by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emre Alp from Environmental Engineering Department, you can learn about Science and Technology Policy Studies Research Center (METU-TEKPOL), celebrating its 20th anniversary with the article written by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Semih Akçomak from Science and Technology Policy Studies Department, Director of METU-TEKPOL. As it is at every issue, we continue to present recent news from METU. In this issue, we especially recommend you to read the text that we prepared for METU Donation Night, which was organized by AdımODTÜ for the first time. On “Campus 101” pages, we present METU Library and Ms. Füruzan Olşen, who has worked devotedly at all stages of the development of METU Library until her retirement in 1981, and honored by METU Outstanding Service Award. In the “METU Memories” column, we memorialize our 11th University President and our valuable professor Mehmet Kıcıman who passed away in May. We continue to introduce our student clubs and administrative units, as we do at each issue. I hope you enjoy reading this issue and wish to meet you again in the next issues.