METU Dormitories

Founded in 1956, Middle East Technical University started the construction of the dormitory buildings on the campus in 1962 based on the insight of the President Kemal Kurdaş, who served between the years of 1961-1969, "Constructing no dormitory buildings on a modern university campus seems like a bit of contradictory to the nature of the goods... A dormitory is one of the important elements that help to ensure quality in education... To my understanding, it is an indispensable necessity that a university with a campus like METU has a dormitory and bed capacity corresponding to 20-25% of the total number of its students...". A total of 19 dormitories were built on the campus from this date until 2014, some by METU and some by the Foundation and real persons.

The dormitories that have been built by different foundations and persons are as follows:

The 3rd Dormitory, grounded in 1966, was completed and donated by Vehbi Koç to METU and started to operate in 1968.

F.Hızıroğlu Guest House built by Faik Hızıroğlu Foundation in 1994 and EBİ 1 Guest House built by EBİ, the foundation of our University, were completed in 1994, while the semi-finished Osman Yazıcı Guest House was completed in 1996 with the contributions of Anadolu Education and Social Assistance Foundation.

In 1999, Sami Kırdar Block constructed by Kırdar Foundation in addition to METU Student Guest House 1 and EBİ 2 Guest House constructed by EBİ were put into service.

From 2001 to 2004, İsa Demiray dormitory of 604 people, Faika Demiray dormitory of 628 people and Refika Aksoy Student Dormitories of 640 people were constructed by Ömer Isik Demiray and Aydın Demiray brothers and donated to our University.