We commemorate Turan Baskan with due respect and appreciation, who fulfilled all the positions he undertook successfully with an excited spirit and a greatest sense of responsibility for almost 40 years in METU since its foundation, and who was one of our values ​​who made METU so special.



A Role Model in METU as a Human and a Manager: TURAN BASKAN*

Turan Baskan was one of the administrative staff who worked for the university for the longest time and left a mark in the memory of METU members. Stating that one of the important factors leading to the success of the METU system is the effective cooperation between academic and administrative staff and being concerned about the decrease in this cooperation, Turan Baskan had many contributions to METU. The METU Volunteers and Retirees Association, which he had attempted to establish with his close friends some time ago before he lost his life, is a concrete example of his commitment and love for METU.

One of our former presidents, Prof. Dr. Ömer Saatçioğlu, a friend of Turan Baskan who passed away in 1999 at an early age, defines him in his memories as someone who regarded the benefits of the university above his own benefits, who was a real METU enthusiast and METU member and for whose behalf a METU Superior Service and Encouragement Award has been presented since 1997, as follows:

"I first met Turan during my high school education at Ankara Atatürk High School in the mid-1950s. During my years as a student at METU, and especially during 1970-92, I had the opportunity to get to know him better when I worked as the Head of Department of Industrial Engineering, and Vice President and President. Having worked as the Director of Registrar's Office, and then Head of Department and Deputy Secretary General, Mr.Turan was a staff member that had a very positive effect on all employees and students of METU. Is there anybody who does not know Turan in the METU circle, who had performed his job achieving superior success from November 8, 1956, when he started to work at our university until November 12, 1977, the date of his departure? He was one of those who knew our university best. He was a hard-working friend who devoted himself to METU and felt pleasure from what he did, feeling the excitement and pride of having experienced the METU history. One of the best symbolic traits of Turan was that he was honest, reliable and aware of the limits of authority and responsibility. He also had excellent documenting and writing skills, the ability to remember all the details of METU history, was responsive and stimulating to decisions that he believed to be wrong, and was quite humble.

Turan knew very well the laws, regulations, decisions, and rules to apply to the students and timely informed the students and the academic unit managers in order to implement them properly. With its decisive and prudent management style, our Student Affairs Unit had a very efficient and effective working style and set a model for other universities in our country. Turan was one of our rare managers who, above all, was a good man and knew how to blend well with his colleagues and was in the position of being an effective leader under the light of friendship. He was a highly qualified bureaucrat who was always respectful in his relations with academic staff and who fulfilled his task of counseling and warning them effectively in his areas of responsibility and who implemented the legislation completely after flexibility filtering, and offered suggestions for its improvement. Most importantly and beyond any doubt, he made great contributions to the establishment and improvement of the METU Registrar's System. His conscious approach played a major role in the adaptation of the changes and developments in this system to our Registrar's System, almost seamlessly, from the foundation years of our university to this day. Turan's this skill was also used in some other subsystems of the METU system. In particular, in our transition to the Council of Higher Education system, it was possible to protect our former identity, thanks to the academic and administrative personnel who, like Turan, appreciated the METU System and undertook responsibilities back then. Another important contribution of Turan was the human power he trained. Many of our employees, who went through his training and instructions and took part in the administrative mechanism of our university, worked in the management positions in other institutions. The task which pleased Turan the most in the last period was the Advisory Board Membership, which he undertook in the process of writing the history of METU. He undertook an active duty in this process with his usual hardworking attitude and made efforts to provide the necessary documents for the work and contributed to the activity by reading the written sections, conveying his thoughts and making necessary corrections.

As a person who will set an example for our employees with the values ​​he created, Turan will always be among us and will take his deserved place in the history of METU. I am confident that we will always protect his saintly memory with respect and love. "

* Cited from the 17th issue of ODTÜLÜ Magazine.