METU Sub-Aqua Society (METU-SAT)

Founded by a group of students and academics in 1985, METU Sub-Aqua Society (METU-SAT) sees diving as a contributory tool to the research, introduction and protection of historical, cultural and natural values ​​on the coasts and inland waters of Turkey rather than seeing it as a purpose. Throughout its history, METU-SAT has carried out various projects on ecology, submerged or cave explorations, etc. to achieve this purpose and organized various activities to raise awareness in these issues. At the end of last year, the waste collected from the sea under the "Sea Without Trash" project initiated in Mersin was handed to the municipality for recycling in order to draw attention to the pollution in the seas. "METU Without Barriers Meets the Blue" project initiated with the motto of "Nothing is a barrier to diving, even Ankara..." aimed to raise social awareness and was granted the Activity of the Year award. The "Sea Nature Water" seminar organized to commemorate Gökhan Türe, one of our founding members, was held with the participation of distinguished academicians from different universities.