Turkish Classical Music Club

Our club was founded by the name of "METU Turkish Music Club" in 1967 under the conductorship of Erol Sayan as Ankara's first and Turkey's second university choir. From the day it was established, the club has been committed to teaching and representing the Turkish music in the best way possible and making it popular in METU through the concerts, panels, research efforts and studies participated by guest artists and groups in a way that suits the university environment. On the way to this goal and under the roof of our music, many new and lasting friendships that have helped us become a club have been made.

Our club has been carrying out its activities in a new building grounded in 2002 through our own resources and opened on November 27, 2004 with the participation of our esteemed composers Avni Anıl, Erol Sayan and valuble music lovers. This new structure is giving us the responsibility and enthusiasm to take a concrete step towards the goal of establishing a training center where high-level Turkish music lessons, which are a major deficiency in our country's capital, are also provided.

Classical Turkish Music choir, which is one of the most important musical activities of our club, successfully represents our music with our end of semester concerts organized in the University. In addition, our valuable artists, who have made important contributions to our music through their compositions, interpretations and research, are also welcomed at our University during the Turkish Music Days events organized every year by our club and meet with Turkish music lovers.

50th Anniversary Events

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, our Club has organized a series of 50th Anniversary events to bring together 50 years of hardwork and friendship and aimed to gather everyone who have made great efforts so far in the club. The events, a great majority of which was held in our club's premises, started with a dinner organized to celebrate the 50th anniversary and fulfill longing with each other. Erol Sayan, the founding conductor of our club, also joined the dinner accompanied by a fasıl band consisting of instrument players and chorists, who were also trained in the club. The fasıl band played the songs performed in the previous concerts and caused everyone there to recall the days they spent in the club and simply refreshed the friendship ties between them with memories. All the members of the club came together again in the breakfast event organized in our premises the day after the dinner and a panel on our music and its future was held with the participation of our precious musician Erol Sayan and 

valuable music lovers. Besides the panel, an exhibition that sums up the past 50 years of our club was opened in our premises and a journal where participants could record their feelings was given to the participants to witness the exhibition. 

In the evening of the day spent with precious music conversations and idea sharing, the 50th-Year Concert was held with the performances of the student choir, alumni choir and Nevniyaz band at the Architecture Amphitheater. With the great interest of everybody who have contributed to our club and with the participation of music lovers, our concert remained a friendly night full of music and memories. All these activities, events, photos, memories, conversations, interviews and many more have been compiled in our 50th Anniversary edition of our journal and left as an example and a souvenir for further 50 years.