Psychiatric Unit

METU Medical Center has been providing psychiatric services to METU members since 1967. The Psychiatric Unit, which had a psychiatrist, a clinical psychologist, a psychologist and a social worker in 1982, now continues to provide services as a Psychological Counseling and Guidance Center (PDRM) with 11 specialists. Our team consists of 1 Psychiatrist, 6 Clinical Psychologists and 4 Psychological Counselors with Master's/Ph.D degrees. Our Center has in 3 different locations with PDRM Mathematics Unit opened in 1997 and PDRM Preparatory Unit opened in 1998. The Center aims to contribute to the mental, emotional and social development of students at the highest level, and to conduct protective, preventive and therapeutic work in the problems that may come up. To this end, psychiatric interviews, individual interviews, family and couple therapies, speech and language therapies are performed in our center and group psychological counseling processes are conducted. In addition to these services, seminars and working groups are organized. Psychological tests are also applied to support the services provided. In some vital problems, students may face compelling academic, individual and social problems if they cannot put the resources to help themselves in action. There may be times when everybody needs support in their personal, social or academic lives or needs an objective perspective. The specialists in our center are always ready to understand and help METU members, especially METU students, about the psychological problems they experience during these times. Information about our center can be accessed from our website, information about applications, appointments and preliminary interviews can be obtained from the secretariats of our center and our units.