Have You Ever Seen a Hawk Nest?

The wildlife in METU Erdemli Campus can be watched live online via the first wildlife camera placed in the hawk nest on METU Erdemli Campus under the Ecological Campus project. The project aims to unveil unknowns about the lives and reproductive cycle of hawks via a camera constantly recording.

Asst. Prof. Korhan Özkan from METU Marine Sciences states that we can witness an ordinary day in the nest of a hawk or unusual moments of wildlife online, and we can also watch the Youtube channel, METU Ecological Campus, at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjcpbbmJjZSrLpHZhIHJOBw and adds that: "We also witnessed the hard times in hawks' lives through the wildlife camera. Unfortunately, this year they left their nests without any nestling even though they incubated for more than 25 days. We do not know the exact reason why they leave the nest; but both hawks are healthy and our wildlife cameras will continue live streaming from their nest next year!"

Following the successful trial period of the Ecological Campus project conducted by Asst. Prof. Korhan Özkan and the research assistant Batuhan Çağrı Yapan from METU Marine Sciences Institute with the support of METU President's Office, METU Marine Sciences Institute (METU DBE) and METU Computer Center, the project is planned to be initiated in all of the three campuses of METU this year. Through the project involving researchers and students from METU Erdemli and Ankara Campus, METU BIYOGEN society and with the support of over 30 participants from various universities and institutions, the natural diversity of METU Erdemli Campus is intended to be increased and the strategies for a healthier wildlife will be set. Highlighting that METU Campuses have a rich ecosystem as well as high quality research and education activities, Dr. Özkan expresses, "While the natural areas are rapidly disappearing, university campuses serve as an important shelter for natural life. We have already collected detailed information about the diversity and distribution of birds, reptiles, plants and mammalian creatures that live on campus. In the light of this information, we are bringing all the proposals together for METU Erdemli Campus to be a healthier habitat for wildlife."

For more information about the project, please visit http://ekokampus.ims.metu.edu.tr/ .

Image: Hawks, as a predatory bird, sit at the top of the food pyramid and are great importance to preserve the functions of a healthy ecosystem. Photo Credits: Özgür Kalay