METU Graduate School of Marine Sciences heads out to Pacific Ocean

Asst. Prof. Mustafa Yücel from METU Graduate School of Marine Sciences will carry out scientific studies under the project to be conducted in partnership with METU Graduate School of Marine Sciences and Delaware University in the USA and share his experiences on

Mustafa Yücel who will be diving into 2,500 meters deep in the East Pacific Ocean in a submarine consisting of a titanium cube on the west of west of Kosta Rika, the Central American country will be accompanied by Batuhan Çağrı Yapan, a research assistant at the Graduate School of Marine Sciences.

Mr. Yücel, who will descend to the bottom of the ocean to understand the role of submarine volcanoes in climate change and collect data about the oceanic life, will also put sphere with a METU logo on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean during the dive and take images.

Yücel and his research team will make predictions for the future by analyzing the history of oceanic bottoms based on the data they collect in their studies will try to understand why a third of the world's oceans are in desert conditions, and why there is no life there at the end of the study.