The Company Musical



The METU "Company" Musical Group was established in 1997 to perform, promote and popularize Broadway musicals. The Company Musicals is the first and longest established musical community in Turkey and aims to represent musical culture in the most successful form in Turkey. The group of three units continues its activities such as polyphonic choir, drama, dance, orchestra, decor, costume, make-up, etc.

Our growing family every day is not only meeting art lovers of Ankara with three different shows every year including a Broadway musical together with its 60 different members, totally volunteer members, sister communities and "DİNO", but also participating in various award ceremonies and festivals.

The Company Musicals do not discriminate among any activities neither in terms of the care it shows, its efforts and returns neither in terms of success. Therefore, the group thinks that "the most successful" show has not been performed yet, and with this motivation, it progresses by raising the bar in every period. We are waiting for everyone who wish to be a part of this deeply rooted family that has entered its twentieth year, and to gain experience in the musical field.

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