METU Research & Development Club

The target plan of METU R&D club is to spread the 'start-up' culture; to encourage METU members to experience entrepreneurship and take action to establish a company; to draw attention to the importance of Case Study (Case-Problem Solving) learnt by the students from some parts of METU and to prepare all students for all areas of life by improving their skills and to take a step to make a difference by gaining many experiences and having fun at the same time.

METU R&D Club created by innovative, developmental and entrepreneurial people who are not only thinking about graduating while they are studying but also seeing that they have left traces looking back after they graduate. Focused on taking actions that would create difference by supporting each other and would do business that will really add more value to METU and make its name heard worldwide, the club organizes TEDxMETUAnkara, HULT PRIZE@METU and ‘UNIVERSITY4SOCIETY’ events in this regard.

What is TEDx?

The purpose of the TED  (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference held in Monterey, California is to provide the basis for information exchange among advanced knowledge holders in different fields. TED created TEDx to enable people and organizations to do their own TED-like local events through the “Ideas Worth Sharing” approach. “X” in TEDx means independently organized TED events.

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What is the Hult Prize?

Hult Prize, known as the “Nobel Prize for Students” in the world is a $1 million award-winning accelerated entrepreneurship contest that aims to accelerate the developmental levels of young entrepreneurs in the world’s best universities, to nurture the social initiatives of the future generation, and to enable social initiatives to change the world in a radical way.

What is the University4Society?

In this event to be organized this year for the first time and where participants from all over Turkey will take part, the problems of the society will be addressed and the solutions they bring to these problems will be evaluated. The best and creative solutions will be transformed into a business model after a 3-day workshop with teams. Making efforts to create an enjoyable and useful organization with the participation of many mentors, the METU AR-GE Club intends to find creative solutions that will illuminate some of the problems of the society.

Apart from all these activities, we want to provide Leadership Training to METU students every week and start an idea that can be transformed into a Leadership School in the future. As a starting step, we consider introducing ÖGEM (Center for Advancing Learning and Teaching), a unit where they can get support for the matters where they feel incompetent, to METU students and establishing a link between ÖGEM and Career Planning Center and the students. We intend to create a successful and conscious future by partnering with units that have an important place in the international arena and the school with the support of Teknokent, preparing training plans and providing interactive leadership trainings every week, exploring each individual’s potential and infusing that they can leave a trace on the world.

The most important thing we want to say to our friends who we believe in their power is: 

The Future is ahead, but why don't you try to reach one step ahead the future?